Tuesday, June 2, 2009

what happened to bedtime?

it's been a long time and not many people read this, but is it me or do people not have bedtime for the lil' kids anymore? at work i see it all the time. it'll be midnight and some family is dragging the baby, the toddler, the cousin, the cousin's sister, the cousin's sister's cousin (ok you get it) into or out of the unit. tonight i was at the grocery store (Tuesday) at 9pm and it was like Saturday afternoon. even if school's out, shouldn't the kids be at home getting ready for bed, or at least winding down?


karen said...

We are one of a very few families I know that actually have a bedtime for the kids separate from the point at which the parents collapse. Everyone does too much - they overspend their time as much as their money and don't seem to notice or know how to recover. I think it's sad...

jenshy said...

I must agree with this. I dont have kids yet but I know how important it is to have a routine. Also I know how important it is to have time with your spouse. Kids having a bed time sets a routine and helps keep your kids happy and healthy and having time with your spouse leads to a happy healthy marriage. Now I can spout all this but not having kids I really have no clue how hard it is having kids. Sorry I am tired and rambling, this is a long way to say I agree!

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Mom said...

Seeing little kids in KMart in the middle of the night literally all across the country (I go in when I'm KMart parking lot kamping), I'd say that kids continue to be raised with the discipline and common sense their parents have; and THEY have as much as THEY were raised with. I'm proud to see Karen say she has a bedtime for the kids. It's one of the first things Gramma taught me when I had her!