Sunday, April 20, 2008

the silver lining of being congested

so i admit. i think i caught slightly more than a bad case of allergies. i think. so i caved and made my way outta the house last night at 10pm to go get nyquil. those people r smart. they now package dayquil and nyquil together. if you want them. but i'm afraid i'd still zonk out w/ the dayquil. that's ok. the sleep i got from the nyquil was soooooo nice. until 7am when zoe brought me a toy to play with. she's cute like i can say is thank goodness i have one more day off today!! at least i had an excuse for being lazy last night. 16 candles was on! woo hoo jake ryan :)


karen said...

Woo Jake Ryan is right! Dayquil doesn't knock me out - you might try it if you're feeling like snot (ha ha) and have to leave the house. It usually picks me up enough to keep going, when I can't rest to recuperate.

Mom said...

Ya don't think you're allergic to cats?