Sunday, February 17, 2008

garden guy

the other day i was going to work and opened the garage and when i did, a little salamander guy ran through faster than a cheetah! i tried to keep up with him (until he ran out the opened door) but he went somewhere and i'll be darned if i know where. so torn between needing to get to work and getting on my knee without really getting on my knee to dirty my uniform, i was trying to make sure i didn't see any kind of hole in the wall. i finally surrendered and went to work hoping i wouldn't later find him in my bathtub or bed. this morning, after a day of rain and rainbow yesterday, the sun is brightly shining so in taking a tour of my garden to assess new growth and weed growth (boy do i know where the phrase growing like a weed comes from), i saw this little garden guy hanging out in the sun. right where he should be. i hope it's the same one as the one who fled w/ fear in my garage, but this guy didn't move when i stepped closer, so hopefully he'll spread the news to his relatives that the garden is much more fun!


karen said...

Your lizard is CUTE! Wait until you meet the Texas-sized roaches, though...even Gardiner says they're enough to make him want to move back up here, where the roaches are at least smaller than mice. :)

Mom said...

Those are geckos...don't you remember seeing them all over the garage door and the block walls in AZ? Karen's right: they're adorable! You can see the sweet things here, but they're a LOT smaller than the pictures make them look!