Tuesday, November 13, 2007

wonder woman?

oh my gosh...i was at work today and i had a patient just admitted, had one going down for a procedure and a third w/ a phlebotomist trying to tell me she couldn't get the blood stick. yes, all at once. and all while my bra strap popped off. so i'm running to the room w/ the admit because the PACU nurse won't leave the pt. until i go there and my bra strap came out of my sleeve. AH! so i tucked it in as best i could (luckily there wasn't a big family waiting for me)...as i was listening to the pt's lungs, lopsided because i was afraid my bra strap would swing back out, i was madly trying to plot a place to duck in so i could get my top off so i could fix it. i almost caved and went in the pt.'s b-room but didn't think that would be a terribly professional 1st impression, so in the middle of running back to the room to help transport
get the other patient out of the room, i ducked into the bathroom (the staff one-thank GOODNESS it was open). i emerged to a "there you are!"...i felt a little like wonder woman :)


Mom said...

These are the stories you'll be telling to green nursing students when you're letting them know, on train wreck days, that no matter how bad things appear, they could be worse!

karen said...

All the world is waiting for you
And the power you possess!

Maybe you need some satin tights?

Chaotic Joy said...

SO I confess this is my first time here. I didn't even know you had a blog o your own. Your job sounds much too self sacrificing for me, you do deserve to wear an "S" on your chest though (you know in addition to the bra of course) for multi-tasking so magnificently