Saturday, September 15, 2007

color me peaceful when...

trying not to feel annoyed at the 112 degrees & in the grocery store while following a lady in a velvet dress wearing lots of perfume (so much i could smell her (at least it killed my appetite) before seeing her) i thought of a bunch of things that help me feel a wave of calm or get a warm fuzzy when i see or think of them :)

1.) getting a pedicure in the massage chair w/ the extra leg massage scrub with a finale of pretty pink polish :)

2.) nature: forrests, meadows, morning dew on grass, water, animals, farms

3.) evening at dusk or sunset

4.) walgreen's lime/coconut body cream in the lime green container

5.) oversize cute coffee mugs (& the coffee that would go in them if i had them and a coffeemaker)

6.) a child's contagious laughter (like the young toddler who laughed hysterically in the shopping cart when his daddy kept bopping a balloon on him at the grocery store:)

7.) summer/fall nights when it dips below 100 :)

8.) black & white photography

9.) breeze and storms

10.) keeping in touch with good friends & family :)


Navilyn said...

I agree with all, but 10. Well, the part about family...

They can drive you up the wall! LOL

karen said...

Good list! I'd add sitting with a warm, purring cat to mine - it's hard to be stressed with something so content in your lap.

Mom said...

True enuf Karen, until you have to clean the litter box. At least we can help out with the nights under 100F finally... it's nearly freezing now (79F).

Chaotic Joy said...

Oooh I did #1 on Friday (except with Red toenail polish) and I agree, it was divine. And I agree that an oversized coffee mug is really therapeutic.

Oh and I would like to add lazy Sunday afternoons with a nap and a book.

Sister K said...

oh yeah! how could i forget naps and good books????!